Work in Progress – “Tri-Corac Acid”

I could feel the heat of the sun against my back as the room I couldn’t block with my pillow was cast in bright afternoon sunlight. A sudden burst of power tried pulling my pillow away from my face, but I held on for dear life. “No!” I yelled as Kylie pulled harder. The next thing I knew, she jumped on top of me, sitting there as she continued her assault on my pillow. “Kylie, I’m gonna kill you if you don’t stop!” Continue reading Work in Progress – “Tri-Corac Acid”


Run Away

So, her old Jeep left little to be desired in the world of the Middle-class, but Stephanie couldn’t imagine being them. She couldn’t imagine waiting impatiently every single day for a vacation that was always too far and too few between just so she could escape hell in a fiendish attempt to feel alive. She would probably have gotten married, had a couple of kids, worked first shift while her husband worked second or something, leaving her alone with her devices, and her sexual desires, eventually resulted in something that would resemble an affair; and all the while feeling guilty about the affair, enjoying every minute of it, because it was the only thing that made her feel something. Yeah, she would probably love her kids. She would hopefully love her husband. She would hate herself, though Continue reading Run Away

Society and Today’s Social Media.

Let’s face it. If you’re reading this, chances are you have a social media account of some form. Most of us started using it as a means of staying in touch with distant relatives, distant friends, or (As Facebook was once meant to be) to keep in contact with friends from college. Times have changed since then, leaving us with a dire need to check our friends’ statuses, stalk people we hate or who you once used to be friends with. Yes, Social media was morphed into something very much unrecognizable from the days of “old”. How did it happen, … Continue reading Society and Today’s Social Media.

The Immortal Mermaid

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This is Jessica. She is Cayce’s older sister, who was one of my childhood friends & fellow classmates. She was 3 whole years older than me, but she didn’t seem to know that when it came to friendship. She (and her glorious hair) became my object of worship. I loved that girl; she was second only to Ariel as the mermaid queen of my heart. She was only 10 years old the day she died; I’m the only one who saw… Continue reading The Immortal Mermaid

What a smile can do

Erika, this is probably not my favorite one. Truthfully, this was my first one after my book, and I just needed something to get myself going again, but I have to say, I still care for it, and I wanted to share it, regardless. Hopefully you can see where I was going with this one. lol 🙂     Meredith sat in her stiff, unforgiving bed, staring at the cold wall. She imagined herself outside of it, away from the hate and bigotry, the lies and deceit… from the violence… She wanted nothing more than to see herself again among … Continue reading What a smile can do

Of Fear and Heat

Unfortunately, a dear friend of mine is having some issues reading my stories on my webpage, so… as promised, I am adding them to my blog so that she may see them. 🙂 Love you, Erika!   The desert was hot, roasting the passengers of the bus. She sat stewing in her own thoughts, frustrated that she was, yet again, on a ridiculous vacation with her parents. They had taken her to so many places as a child and now as a teenager. Why did they have to do this to her?! She could be on summer break with her … Continue reading Of Fear and Heat

My goals, aspirations, and thoughts on the future

Sometimes it takes someone you love to see the larger picture. Well, I kind of had a moment such as that this week. I was talking to my step-mom, and she suggested something for me: Get into writing competitions! The first thing that I had initially started to concentrate on was promoting myself and now I’m going to add contests and things of that sort to the list! I have looked into Writer’s Digest right now, seeing what types of contests that they have. So far, I have found a short story contest. The deadline is in December, but I … Continue reading My goals, aspirations, and thoughts on the future

My first week of Discovery, Leaving me more confused…

As everybody knows, the next step to finishing a book is to share it with the masses. I, myself, have been working the last week to achieve that by starting the investigation of who to send drafts to. What I have learned thus far is that there is much more to do before it even reaches the Editor or Publisher! First and foremost, I need to tear this thing apart and edit. Then, I need to tear it apart and edit it again! Then, perhaps it will be time to find a publisher that is interested in my type of … Continue reading My first week of Discovery, Leaving me more confused…

Introduction to myself. When I discovered I could write.

Since the second grade, I knew I wanted to write. How so? Well, I can tell you! In second grade, my teacher had implemented a writing workshop that we could do for extra credit. It was something I always enjoyed and I was so very excited every time I could create something. We would go to the folders and pick an item from each. One folder was “Plots”, the other folder was “Characters” and the third folder was “Main event”. So, we would pick one of each and create a story using those tools. The only problem was that I was … Continue reading Introduction to myself. When I discovered I could write.