Regrouping After The Holidays

The holidays can be the worst when you are trying to change your life. Everyone wants to celebrate with delicious and unhealthy foods, and it seems that people don’t understand that you still want to make healthier choices, despite the festivities. If I had an apple for every time someone told me to forget about my diet during the holidays… I would have lots of apples. I mean, at least a bushel!

But seriously, people don’t seem to understand that it’s not a diet, it’s about being a healthier, smarter, stronger version of yourself. It’s not about denying myself food! It’s about being able to see the food for what it is. Food is fuel, and the type of fuel you put in makes a difference in how your system works. This isn’t a “just until I lose xx pounds”. This is a lifetime commitment to myself to make healthier choices so that I can do all those things in life I’ve always wanted to do. I want to enjoy life, and not just the food I put in my mouth.

The types of food I put in my mouth isn’t happiness. The result of that food is what will give me long lasting happiness.

I’m not saying that the only thing important in life is being skinny. All I’m saying is that there are things I’ve wanted to experience in life that seemed hard or impossible to do at the weight I was. I may miss the food now, but I won’t be thinking of that Big Mac I missed out on, or the fattening potato salad I didn’t eat on Christmas when I’m on the top of that rock wall, looking down at how far I’ve come.

So I guess I need to find new ways to celebrate that doesn’t include food.

Author: Jan D / Maggie C

Hello, and welcome to my site! This will be a place for me to just touch base and reach out to my audience! I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have no kids and I’m single. Basically, my time goes to my cats, my job, my writing, and my plants.

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