What a smile can do

Erika, this is probably not my favorite one. Truthfully, this was my first one after my book, and I just needed something to get myself going again, but I have to say, I still care for it, and I wanted to share it, regardless. Hopefully you can see where I was going with this one. lol 🙂     Meredith sat in her stiff, unforgiving bed, staring at the cold wall. She imagined herself outside of it, away from the hate and bigotry, the lies and deceit… from the violence… She wanted nothing more than to see herself again among … Continue reading What a smile can do

Of Fear and Heat

Unfortunately, a dear friend of mine is having some issues reading my stories on my webpage, so… as promised, I am adding them to my blog so that she may see them. 🙂 Love you, Erika!   The desert was hot, roasting the passengers of the bus. She sat stewing in her own thoughts, frustrated that she was, yet again, on a ridiculous vacation with her parents. They had taken her to so many places as a child and now as a teenager. Why did they have to do this to her?! She could be on summer break with her … Continue reading Of Fear and Heat